As educators, your goal is to improve
student outcomes. TenMarks partners with your teachers, schools and districts to drive an integrated model of curriculum and instruction, supported by technology and 1:1 personalization. To accomplish this we have created a content-driven technology strategy, focusing on 3 core areas.

Learn Engaging and challenging platform for every student to master math.
Teach Instructional resources to empower teachers with the rigor of the new math standards.
Share Our vision is to create, curate, discover and share content with fellow educators.

As an Amazon Company We’re guided by our core values of customer obsession, passion
for innovation, and long-term thinking.

Our team of educators and technologists is committed to building solutions that improve learning outcomes. Our goal is to provide every stakeholder in the K–12 learning lifecycle with quality curricula, instructional resources, and technology that continually raise the bar of educational excellence.

We leverage innovation across various business areas including next generation devices, advanced personalization and recommendations, and gaming and entertainment. This enables us to deliver unparalleled value to our customers–educators, schools, districts, and parents–as we all work toward creating a better generation of lifelong learners.

Awards and Recognition We appreciate the love and confidence placed in us.

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