CCSS in a NutShell.

TenMarks is the only comprehensive solution for CCSS Math.

The TenMarks Approach to CCSS

Our team of experts has developed a brand-new bank of Common Core-aligned questions and supporting instructional materials. We cover every mathematical concept with the depth and rigor intended by the authors of the CCSS standards.

Also central to the TenMarks curriculum are the Mathematical Practice standards. We craft every aspect of the curriculum to address one or more of these standards, motivating students to persevere and think strategically.

What TenMarks Does:

  • Builds conceptual and procedural fluency
  • Scaffolds student learning with hints written in the spirit of the Socratic method
  • Provides a 30,000+ item question bank for instruction and practice, which include:
    • Constructed response (fill-ins)
    • Multi-part constructed response
    • Multiple choice
    • Multi-part multiple choice
    • Select-all-that-apply
    • Multi-part combination items
  • Provides standards and grade specific assessments, modeled after SBAC and PARCC.
  • Incorporates teacher input, feedback, and insights.

TenMarks is designed to engage and motivate every learner to make them lifelong mathematicians.

Explore our rich CCSS curriculum. Contact Us for state specific standards and extensions.

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