Built for and by Teachers.

Like you, we believe that students learn best when they are individually engaged, nurtured and motivated.

Embedded Support.

Helping every student with every problem.

At TenMarks, we believe in student achievement. When students work on TenMarks, they have access to hints and video lessons on EVERY problem, so if they can't recall something, or didn't quite get the topic when it was covered in class, they can quickly review the content, and move forward. Immediate support improves motivation and builds confidence, and our data shows that it does wonders for student outcomes.

Real-time Intervention.

Responding to gaps in knowledge, instantly.

When a student doesn't do well on a topic, TenMarks provides immediate and targeted intervention. Our premium program analyzes precisely the areas in which the student is struggling, and assigns an "Amplifier." The Amplifier diagnoses the root cause of the issue and provides instruction to fill the gaps. After the Amplifier, the student receives a do-over assignment that measures the effect of the instant remediation.

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Differentiation is a Requirement.

It's not simply a 'nice-to-have'.

No two students are the same, and TenMarks believes that differentiated instruction should be made easy. With TenMarks Math Premium, each student has a differentiated curriculum (playlist), which contains remediation and enrichment topics - chosen specifically for the student. The playlist is generated automatically based on standard- and grade-level assessments, or based on teacher insights. Simply put, while the teacher teaches to the lesson plans, the playlists keep moving the student ahead, building foundations and driving enrichment.

Add Value, Not Effort.

Automating workflow for teachers and students alike.

Teachers can save hours each week by using our program, which has built-in automated assignments, grading, interventions, assessments, and differentiation. We've designed the program to be super easy-to-use, so hundreds of thousands of teachers across the country can use it with millions of students, without any "training." What's more, the insights teachers get from student results clearly show them where they are doing well, and where they need to focus instruction - all based on an in-depth error analysis.

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