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We'll assist with practice, helpful hints, intervention, and assessment.

Practice: Through Problem Solving.

The question is just the beginning.

Every problem in the TenMarks library is developed with the intent to engage the student's problem-solving skills. With a continually growing bank of questions, students are assured access to a wide variety of problems to practice and perfect their skills and build a strong foundation.

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Instruction: Available in Seconds.

Support at the point of greatest need.

When students are working on a topic and are 'stuck' - that's when support is the most effective. To guide students during their assignments, we provide hints and video lessons. The hints offer scaffolded conceptual context and explanation, and explore problem-solving methods and processes. TenMarks' just-in-time instruction helps students learn and succeed.

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Assessments: Modeled after SBAC and PARCC.

Progress monitoring and differentiation.

When a student completes an assignment, our adaptive engine instantly grades their work and encourages them to review incorrect answers. They can use videos and hints to build skills and improve problem-solving methods. TenMarks also includes standard and grade level assessments modeled after SBAC and PARCC questions, so teachers can monitor student progress. Every assessment on TenMarks is "actionable", where the results of the assessments result in differentiation recommendations for each student.

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Interventions are 1:1.

A teacher's aide at every student's side.

When our adaptive engine finds that a student needs additional help with a topic, it assigns a TenMarks Amplifier. Modeled on a 1:1 instructional session, the Amplifier takes a student step by step through a concept to initiate learning and build deep conceptual understanding.

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