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I love TenMarks math! It's a great tool for differentiation. Today I helped kids with median, perimeter and graphs.


3rd Grade Teacher

I haven't found another program that allows me to really tailor the work so effectively. My children who struggle, love the hints and truly allows them to learn independently.


4th Grade Teacher

It is easy to set up, implement and track student learning and progress.


4th Grade Teacher

My kids are loving TenMarks! They are requesting to go on and practice math when they're done with other work, and many are working from home. It's great that this is free, and that the math is standards-based.



Let me be frank, TenMarks is amazing! It keeps student data, provides parent codes, provides video lesson and tips, which act as a 'second teacher' if I am with other students.


4th Grade Teacher

Math is a pretty complex world in my class, and I know TenMarks made a huge difference in my kids' speed, accuracy and motivation.


5th Grade Teacher

It makes differentiation much more efficient. TenMarks frees up time for me to move students toward higher-order thinking. And it's helping my English language learners learn vocabulary they're not used to.


6th Grade Teacher

Results so far have been promising, with several at-risk students in math showing positive gains in a matter of months!


High School Teacher

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