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Teaching math is now exponentially easier

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A comprehensive, standards-based math curriculum

Everything you need for math instruction—scaffolded lessons, guided practice, assignments, assessments, and interventions—designed for state and Common Core standards.

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Supporting students in over 85% of U.S. school districts.

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Differentiate instruction to unlock each student's potential

Our solutions help you chart each student's learning pathway and personalize their work with leveled assignments, real-time interventions, and strategies for expanding understanding.

Immediate feedback, real-time improvement: 23% on average

Our hints and videos help students work through productive struggles with problem solving. If a student needs more help, a targeted intervention is automatically delivered to remediate learning in real time, resulting in an average 23% score increase.

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“TenMarks Math's rigorous content and easy-to-use program provides everything my teachers need to support students to develop a deep conceptual understanding of math.”

Ashley Tarquin District Peer Coach, Encinitas Union School District, Encinitas CA
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Engage students to improve outcomes

TenMarks Math engages students with self-paced practice. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivators are built into every aspect of their work.

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