How does Math Madness help my students? It's a great way to get students excited about math! In 2015, students raced to answer millions of questions with more than 84% accuracy. They have fun, win prizes and most importantly, they learn and gain mastery.

How does Math Madness work? It's FREE to sign up for TenMarks Math and when you do, you're automatically entered in Math Madness. If you are already registered for TenMarks Math, then your classes are automatically entered—you don't need to do anything!**

How are prizes awarded? Grand prizes are awarded to the top 3 classes in each group that have the highest average questions answered per student. Data are based on the best 4 out of 6 weeks results for each class. Classes are grouped by the following grade levels.

Grade A Monster

Group A

Grade 1-4
Grade B Monster

Group B

Grade 5-7
Grade C Monster

Group C

Grade 8, Geometry and Algebra 1–2 or Integrated Math 1–3

Weekly prizes are $100 gift cards for Baskin Robbins or Pizza Hut! These are awarded to the class in each group that shows the most improvement week over week in the number of questions answered correctly.

Grand Prizes you can win!

Gift for 1st Position

30 Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablets

1st Prize
Gift for 2nd Position

15 Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablets

2nd Prize
Gift for 3rd Position

$500 Gift Card*

3rd Prize

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Rules Math Madness 2016 is a contest open only to elementary, middle, and high schools in the United States for a teacher with a TenMarks Math account. To be eligible for prizes, in 4 out of 6 weeks during the contest, at least 70% of students in the class have to complete at least one math question from a TenMarks assignment and for all questions achieved at least 70% accuracy. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY to participate. For complete details see Official Rules.

* Gift Cards ("GCs") may be used only to purchase eligible goods on or certain of its affiliated websites. GCs cannot be redeemed for purchases of gift cards. Except as required by law, GCs cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value, redeemed for cash, or applied to any other account. For complete GC terms and conditions, see ( No expiration or service fees.

**To opt out of Math Madness, log into TenMarks Math by selecting "Create Assignments", select "Settings" by clicking on the icon in the top right corner and select "Math Madness" in the left menu.