Your class did not meet contest requirements for 3 or more weeks and is no longer eligible for the overall prize.

Your class can still compete for weekly prizes, which are based on accuracy improvement from week to week.

Math Madness Results

Weekly prizes are awarded at the end of weeks 2–6 and grand prizes are awarded at the end of the contest. Learn more by reading the contest rules. The data on this page will be updated every Monday by 5 am PT.

Your Class Rank

Leaderboard for Week 3

The grand prize winners (the top 3 classes in each group) will be announced on April 13th. All leaderboard results are preliminary until validated against the official contest rules.

Rank Teacher Name Class Name Total
1 Tiffany Samson UPSMES (A) 13048
2 Anabela Fernandes Mrs. Fernandes 2014/2015 11768
3 Leanne Ross MathPlus 9220
4 marla abrams Mrs. Abrams' Class 6917
5 Ann Salway Human Calculators 6776
6 Kami Mecham Miss Mecham's 4th Grade 5480
7 C Sharp Sharp14-15 5363
8 Kristi Chance B14-15 Math Class 5169
9 Wayne Rowley Third Grade Gifted and Talented Inclusion 5048
10 James M. Brown Brown 14 15 4879
Rank Teacher Name Class Name Total
Rank Teacher Name Class Name Total

Most Improved Classes

The weekly winners below will each receive a $100 gift card for a pizza or ice cream party.

Group A [Grades 1–4]
Michele LesherAldacosta
100% Improvement
Group B [Grades 5–7]
Jenny Rueter1st_Rueter
100% Improvement
Group C [Grades 8–Algebra2]
WALTER THOMAS8th pre alg blk3 1student
95% Improvement
Group A [Grades 1–4]
Cheryl AlbersonAlberson 4
100% Improvement
Group B [Grades 5–7]
Brad HornerASU Tenmarks
58% Improvement
Group C [Grades 8–Algebra2]
Kiera Hagerman8th Grade
50% Improvement
Group A: Grades 1 - 4
Group B: Grades 5 - 7
Group C: Grades 8 - Algebra 2
The Total is the sum of the average number of questions answered per student for the best 4 of 6 eligible weeks.
Classes are ranked by their Total as of the latest completed week.